The entrepreneurial ride is a crazy one, with an abundance of ups and downs that can leave your ego leading the charge. However, the best workplaces act as a source of inspiration, leaving people with the desire to become better versions of themselves. And to lift up and encourage those around them in the process. If you want your employees and business to excel, you must know when to remove ego from the equation.

theBLOQparq (tBp) is a believer in humility. You know the saying: the sum of its parts is greater than the whole. As advocates for positivity and collaboration, we have some worthwhile insight about how to pave a path toward selfless leadership that can lead to greater entrepreneurial success!

Invest in others

As an egoless leader, you can invest in the humanity of others. Showing gratitude for the efforts of your employees and showing compassion for the greater community by seeking opportunities to pay it forward. The care you show for your team and the selfless manner with which you lead will allow others to feel the immeasurable benefits of your vision.

Have brave conversations

Playing the avoidance game when things get rough can cause destructive patterns and hinder the growth of your business. If a challenging conversation is needed, a generous, brave leader knows how to leave their ego at the door. Emotion can be left out of it, which frees the conversation up and drives it toward healing a situation. It’s all about you, your employees, and your business moving forward — together.

Individuals who work in collaborative settings are 50 percent more effective at task completion than those working in silos.

Encourage collaboration

An environment of collaboration will blossom when ego falls away. Strengthening the workplace culture and creating a space where people are united in their goals and their attitudes is a game-changer for any business. Just sit back and watch as open-mindedness and focus on success will permeate every corner of your company. The journey to success is grounded in the relationships you build and it takes a committed team effort to have your company reach its full potential.

Relinquish control

Leaders with increased self-awareness have the ability to hone in on their strengths and while recognizing (and finding ways to improve) the areas where they are lacking. Rather than casting judgments and overlooking critical feedback, a wise entrepreneur can release the illusion of control and see the worth in letting others take the reins. An inclusive culture means including others in critical decision-making and acknowledging their efforts.

Developing yourself and understanding how you can bring out the best in others contributes to your strength as a leader. Leaving your ego behind will ultimately allow your business to get ahead. tBp is here to support you on your journey as an incubator entrepreneur as we build a live, work, play, and thrive lifestyle that promotes authenticity and collaborative success.

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