A one-of-a-kind jewelry designer, we know first-hand that each piece you fashion is created to make a personal statement that speaks to your customer’s heart. And in return, your customer feels beautiful. Designers of today are showcasing the latest in jewelry, offering ways for both men and women to decorate their necks, wrists, fingers, and more. The emerging products are taking creativity to the next level.

At theBLOQparq (tBp), we share your desire to create unique, must-have pieces that speak for themselves. As we unveil our new, forward-thinking community that embraces a work, live, play, and thrive environment, we are ready to watch your micro-retail space evolve into a world of artisan bling-bling.

We have three reasons tBp would perfectly accessorize your new retail hub and hope you will soon call our community your home.

Micro-space with a worldly feel.

We know that each bespoke jewelry piece you create is individually crafted. Here at tBp, you can build your brand’s personality while transporting customers to Brazil’s geode regions or the goldmine reserves in Johannesburg, South Africa. Your space represents your personality – it is the clasp that holds your custom brand image together.

Whether you cultivate flawless diamonds in a variety of fancy cuts or create trendy, beach-attire toe-rings – you can customize your retail shop to match your vibe, reach your customer’s imagination, and provide sparks of jewel and gem inspiration. We are here to help bring your place to life. Create. Design. Define.

Like-minded customers shop in like-minded places.

At tBp, our specialty stores will feature everything from fashion boutiques, hair salons, and yoga studios to artisanal foods, holistic practitioners, and strategically curated gift shops. All of your surrounding neighbors will attract a demographic similar to your target market—individuals, who crave the latest, fashion-forward trends combined with positive emotions and experiences.

Your customers are ready to don the newest trends in accessories and jewelry. You will be the creator of exclusive pieces that call to them, and tBp will be a one-stop-fashion-shop for everything beautiful, relevant, and attention-worthy in the heart of Henderson. And, customers will flock to you because tBp will host beauty-related events and foster a community of worthy fellow creators. With your jewelry collection and accessories, your brand is guaranteed to be a statement piece.

Shining some light on your craft.

Our micro-retail spaces are perfectly designed to walk-the-walk and show more than tell. You can create your own “live” studio within your retail outlet. Your patrons will gather around to watch your craftsmanship, see your jewelry come to life as each gem, rhinestone, and diamond is cultivated with that personal touch that reflects your customer’s personality and inner calling.

“Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique.”

– Elizabeth Taylor

tBp is the perfect new location for fashion, gifts, and accessories that people will see and instantly want. With walk-by traffic and special events to drive customers to our location, it will serve as the perfect hub to launch your jewelry brand. You are the link that completes the tBp vision of providing high-quality products that contribute to higher quality experiences.

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