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Are you someone who likes to be in the know? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find the latest news and updates related to the BLOQ parq (tBp). From breaking ground to building a thriving community in the heart of Henderson. Rest assured, you won’t miss a thing – follow us and join us for the journey.

The Market Makers

People may say that great minds think alike, but at tBp, we believe greatness is achieved when different minds come together. This video series features the brains and the bold action takers who are turning an undeveloped plot of land into an enticing destination like nothing Nevada has ever seen.

F. Ronald Smith, Principal and Developer of the BLOQ parq (tBp) shares his vision for tBp and the crucial role it will play in the revitalization of Boulder Highway and the Henderson community.

Be a part of history in the making and secure your micro-retail, office or residential space before they’re all taken.

James Foster, Real Estate Broker and Development Executive of the BLOQ parq (tBp), discusses how the tBp micro-space community will serve as a market maker and viable business opportunity.

Timing is everything – make sure you claim your micro-space to live, work, play and thrive while you still can.

Brandon Main, CEO of Xtreme Cubes, goes behind the scenes to explain the modular building system that will be utilized to create the innovative micro-retail, office and residential units within the BLOQ parq (tBp).

Be one of the first to own a micro-space in this highly anticipated community.

Michael Gardner, Principal of studio g ARCHITECTURE, provides insight into the creative process and strategic planning that allows the BLOQ parq (tBp) to be a place to live, work, play, and thrive.

Whether personal or professional – take the right step toward building your own legacy.

Limited micro-retail, office, and residential units available.
Be one of the first to sign up to receive pre-construction pricing.

the BLOQ parq News

3 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

3 Ways Travel Makes You a Better Entrepreneur

Although it seems counterintuitive to the productive nature of building a business, travel offers a variety of unique benefits for entrepreneurs. Studies show that taking a hiatus is a perfect way to expand your mind, boost creativity and build confidence. Whether...

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3 Big Reasons Culture In The Workplace Matters

3 Big Reasons Culture In The Workplace Matters

A company’s work culture is defined as the personality of the organization. It’s an array of elements that create a supportive environment where people can maximize their capabilities and skills. Elements such as ethics, goals, collaboration, leadership, and time...

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Micro Is The Next Big Thing

Micro Is The Next Big Thing

It is the steady heartbeat of a vision coming to life that drives the spirit of an entrepreneur. And it is that same heartbeat that drives the vision for the BLOQ parq (tBp). This forward-thinking, micro-style community will come to life with public and private event...

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