tactic Spreading the word about your blooming business is essential if you want to create a foundation for long-term growth. When it comes to promoting your brand and raising awareness, there is an abundance of avenues you can explore including the partnership of a brand ambassador. These individuals support up-and-coming businesses by helping to build their reputation and following.

Employing brand ambassadors involves embracing an approach where marketing means more than a banner ad or social media post. It is a strategic personification of your brand that invites others to connect with (and ultimately support) your business. theBLOQparq (tBp) just happens to be an ambassador of meaningful partnerships. Want to know some of the benefits of brand ambassadors? Read on!

Let’s talk positive word of mouth

To get conversations going about your products, you need people out in the public using them and giving rave reviews. Word of mouth is one of the most powerful ways to expose potential customers to everything your company offers. The transformation of a one-time shopper to a loyal, brand ambassador is some of the most authentic and effective marketing available. The “everyday people” approach to sharing how your product has changed their life for the better is a less salesy tactic to expand your brand’s reach.

49 percent of consumers depend on influencer recommendations and 40 percent have purchased something after seeing it on Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram.
Source: Digital Marketing Institute

Get noticed and improve brand awareness

Most often, individuals will listen to the advice of a friend over the messaging of a sleek, shiny advertisement. This is usually because they know there is no ulterior motive but instead, just a friend sharing an experience. Brand ambassadors give off a similar vibe. They live your brand, its benefits, and its mission without the over-the-top marketing push that often turns others off. Keep in mind that future generations care more about the bigger picture that the brand represents. Having the right ambassadors can relay the message that you are more than a business, you are an opportunity for people to be involved in a meaningful movement.

Be more personable and relatable

Companies typically brand themselves with logos, color palettes, and content created for their social platforms. And as unified as these marketing efforts may be, brand ambassadors bring an emotional and humanized element these other promotional tactics lack. Customers want to buy their products and services from a brand that encompasses a human element. When people choose to support one business over another, it goes beyond a basic need. It’s about finding a commonality; something that resonates. The passion of an ambassador can be tangible, showcasing the benefits of what your business brings to the table in a genuine, personable way.

BONUS TIP! So, where do you find brand ambassadors? Happy customers are an ideal source for finding people who already live and breathe your brand. Put yourself out there and ask them directly about speaking on behalf of your brand. Many people are more than willing to champion something they believe in!

A memorable brand won’t ignite overnight, but you can expect gradual and consistent growth when employing brand ambassadors who truly want to support your brand. The authenticity and passion these brand advocates bring to the table echoes the passion tBp has for supporting tenacious entrepreneurs like you.

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