Since the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, working from home has become somewhat of the norm. And although having the ability to complete your day-to-day tasks from a remote location can have its fair share of benefits, there are a few challenges you may face along the way. theBLOQparq (tBp) is working on a groundbreaking community that will help to alleviate some of these inconveniences and make getting the job done from anywhere easier, more enjoyable, and more effective. From flexible offices to coworking spaces, there will be plenty of room for creativity and collaboration.

While tBp continues to build upon our vision, here are some of the pros you can look forward to when working remotely:

An Increase In Flexibility

Working from home gives you (and your employees) the flexibility to work from anywhere and at the most convenient times, depending on company policies. This flexibility is an enormous pro for those who struggle to meet essential life responsibilities during daylight hours. Simple personal tasks like taking a child to school or scheduling a doctor’s appointment are less complicated when your remote work schedule is flexible.

Improved Productivity

Increased productivity is a significant benefit of working offsite. Granting employees to have a say in when, how, and where they work is highly empowering and builds trust. As a result, all parties involved will feel more satisfied with their jobs, utilize their time more efficiently, and tend to develop a sense of loyalty to the company.

98 percent of respondents working remotely would like to continue to do so (at least partially) for the rest of their career.
Source: Buffer’s 2020 State of Remote Work

A More Balanced Schedule

Although life isn’t only about work, time spent commuting to and from an office can quickly add up and eat away at both our personal and professional responsibilities. Working remotely allows for extra hours that can be used as leisure time to enjoy the company of family and friends, practice hobbies, or pursue other opportunities. This can help to improve one’s overall wellbeing and work-life balance, which is something that holds a significant amount of value and should not be overlooked.

Since knowledge is power, here are a few cons of working remotely of which you will want to be aware:

Decreased Visibility

Remote roles bring concerns of reduced visibility and presence within an organization or company. When working in an office, it’s easier to feel seen and heard thanks to face-to-face time spent with managers, leaders, and teams. When accepting a remote role, you’ll want to make an effort to keep yourself on the radar by stepping up your communication efforts and participating in collaborative projects whenever possible.

Feeling Isolated

The lack of human interaction is a real-world concern for many employees who are adjusting to working remotely. When your home or a third-party location becomes your office, more often than not, your interactions with colleagues, clients, and managers are only through a screen. Feelings of loneliness and isolation are common concerns but can be addressed by holding virtual office get-togethers and team-building activities via video conferences. Co-working spaces are another great option for creating opportunities for socialization and even better, networking and collaboration!

Overdependence On Technology

One of the most significant downsides to remote work is the unavoidable dependence on technology. As we all know too well, technology can be a blessing or make us want to curse. Many at-home workers live their days on edge, fearing their broadband may go down, which means a reduction in work efficiency. Another concern is that the computer technology you rely on could fail. It’s essential to consider backup options for potential technology issues.

tBp understands the highs and lows of business ownership, but we are ready to build an oasis for incubator entrepreneurs and small business owners. Having the freedom to define the way in which you are best able to be productive and find fulfillment is one of the many benefits of being your own boss. So as we continue to navigate through this “new normal” tBp will provide an office or retail space for you to achieve greater levels of success.

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