Minimalism. It’s a word that, when you first hear it, will make you think of the 1960s art movement. As it turns out, those ingenious, captivating sculptures and paintings have made an impact beyond the museums within which they are admired. The values of simplicity and reduction have been gaining momentum as a lifestyle; a way of being that the BLOQ parq (tBp) proudly cultivates.

There is a sense of empowerment that comes with ridding our lives of the things we don’t need. When it comes to the concept of less is more, there is one name that cannot be avoided: Marie Kondo. Better known as the “tidying guru”, Kondo keeps gratitude at the front and center of her cleansing process by asking her clients to only hold onto things that spark joy.

The main goal of leading a minimalist lifestyle does not involve deprivation. Rather, it encourages you to be selective about what enters your space. However, we can take this a step further and say that minimalism is an exercise in choosing wisely. Our words, our relationships, our experiences – all must be chosen wisely to ensure they add value and fulfillment to our lives. That is exactly the type of environment tBp is meant to be.

Speaking of the environment, minimalism can have a significant impact on the environment. Living in smaller spaces like the customizable micro-residential units at tBp typically requires less energy and less overall waste. And to prove we don’t just talk the talk when it comes to being more environmentally friendly, we made sure to walk the walk – literally. The tBp master-planned community is designed to give you the ability to live, work and play without adding one mile to your odometer.

Donald Judd, Eva Hesse, and Dan Flavin would be proud. Being a part of the minimalist movement is all encompassing. It applies as a lifestyle and a mindset. tBp is a micro-style community that brings new meaning to home ownership, entrepreneurship, and living a life of fulfillment. One small square foot at a time, we are proving that less is more.

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