In today’s noisy, quick-moving media world, scrolling past ad content is the new norm. To stay in the game, small businesses like yours need to craft successful ad campaigns that give the viewer pause and a desire to stop, read, and click. So, where do you find this magic formula for action-oriented ad content? You’ll find it built into the foundation of any successful campaign. Identifying these elements and incorporating them into your advertising campaigns will help you break through all the noisy competition.

theBLOQparq (tBp) supports every entrepreneur in creating a memorable marketing voice and vision. As tBp continues to pave a new path in the world of real estate, we know a thing or two about making a name for yourself. Hint: the right marketing is a game-changer, and every dollar spent on advertising is a worthwhile investment in your business and YOU.

Google and Facebook still hold the largest share of total U.S. digital ad spending, with 37.2 percent and 19.6 percent, respectively.
Source: eMarketer

Understanding the benefits of the following three advertising variables will serve as the building blocks for an overall successful brand campaign.

1. Strong Branding

A brand identity is one of your most substantial assets. It will serve as the cornerstone of any successful campaign, and the best in the biz know that branding goes beyond a company’s name and logo. You can bring value to what you sell by using unique branding elements like a well-researched color palette, messaging that evokes emotion, and a tagline or custom imagery that has your brand written all over it (not literally, of course). To be memorable, these branding components should remain consistent across multiple campaigns and platforms. Consistency and authenticity are key ingredients of strong branding.

2. A Powerful Call To Action

A compelling call to action (CTA) should be a priority for all of your advertising deliverables. The idea here is to entice your audience to act, which is the sole purpose of advertising in the first place. Any actionable, well-defined phrase that encourages your audience to contact your business is essentially a CTA. Whether your CTA is delivered online, in print, or over the radio, it should inspire potential customers to take action – ideally, right then and there. It’s all about creating a sense of urgency by playing up that FOMO factor. Be clear and concise, but don’t be afraid to get creative. That brings us to our next point…

3. Showcase Creativity

When strategy and creativity work together in perfect alignment, they become the advertising power couple. Predictable is boring, and nobody likes boring. Finding different and BETTER ways to get your brand’s message and unique selling point (USP) across is what leads to new business, a loyal customer base, and bigger profits. Also, think of creative ways to connect with people on a deeper level. Emotions are a powerful advertising tool.

“What the heart loves, the will chooses, and the mind justifies.”
– Thomas Cranmer

Once you have your viewers engaged, the creativity will help them retain your message and ultimately act upon it. Depending on the platform you use to advertise, you’ll want to channel that innovation in different ways. For example, with radio, focus on memorable jingles and clever, concise content. For print and web advertisements, find your focus on the visual components and tagline development. Creativity is a star player in every form of advertising.
The power of a successful ad campaign can be a game-changer for any small business and will add to your bottom line. Implementing this winning trio of advertising elements can open the flow to creating campaigns that make a lasting impact. tBp invites entrepreneurs like you to be a part of a supportive community with the perfect space to serve all the customers your next brilliant advertising campaign will surely bring your way!

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