There she is. Do you see her? Two wheels beneath her, out on the bike path, under pale blue skies surrounded by nature.

Scenery whizzing by, she takes a deep breath embracing the racing of her heart. Every turn of the pedal brings her closer to the goal set before her. It is a moment of accomplishment, achievement, relief. Until she sets out again, next time. How many miles? How far will she push herself? Her bike? Her drive to go further, faster, longer?

Each ride writes a story, and with every turn of the pedal, she is learning something new about herself and the world around her. Sometimes the lessons, the stories; they are external. There are the silent pauses in between that keep her captivated. Quenching her thirst, she takes an occasional break from a steady pace, eye-spying a couple on the path ahead with hands held. Other times she’ll catch a glimpse of nature’s wonder as a hummingbird dips down to sip from a ruby red flower dangling just about her head.

There is freedom in this ride; there is serenity and reflection. A sense of solitude found out on the paths that weave their way through the open desert landscape. It is her therapy; it is her moment to wonder at that mystery of life. To connect to everything within her and all around her.

And in addition to the constant Zen, it also acts as part bonding time with those she calls friends. Fellow cyclists who get the vibe of what it means to have a passion that calls to you relentlessly and unapologetically.

Spending a Saturday out on the open road, a full day spent chasing miles and meeting goals together, is a personal favorite for them all. Ending it at their favorite café, sipping on frothy drinks, and snacking on croissants is a treat that never gets old. Though there is always one that refuses the buttery treat and goes for the trusty fruit cup.

Conversation across the table turns to gear talk, and it’s her favorite topic to lead and wax poetically on. With a passion like this, gear wears quick, and finding a custom cycling shop to call home is something she craves. Someplace to pop into with friends after the lattes are finished. A quaint shop where her name is known. Maybe somewhere she can wander into and snag a new long sleeve jersey for the cooler months coming, or simply a new water bottle? And then there are those reflectors for night rides that she and the gang just can’t resist. Her gear list is miles long.

She is out there waiting, and not just her, thousands like her. Passionate, driven, committed cyclists searching for someone to create a home base, a place to find everything they need to feed their love of cycling.

Are you the one to create that space? To welcome her each week, to share her passion? You can be, and theBLOQparq is ready to offer that opportunity.

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