City of Henderson


Taking “The Good Life” Up A Notch

When it comes to the place you live, you shouldn’t have to compromise. From location and amenities to look and feel – your expectations will be surpassed. the BLOQ parq is creating a new lifestyle and igniting the energy and excitement that Henderson has been waiting to release. This place was built for every aspect of your personality and every passion you possess.

the BLOQ parq micro living spaces are perfect for:

  • First-Time Home Buyers
  • Airbnb, Rental or Income Properties
  • College Students or Young Professionals
  • Corporate Housing
  • Vacation or Staycation Home
  • Empty Nesters or Retirees
  • So Much More

At the BLOQ parq, everything you could want is within walking distance and countless possibilities are within reach.

tBp Rendering 4


Imagine rolling out of bed, grabbing a coffee at your favorite café, getting in a days worth of work and lounging poolside to closeout the evening. Your career and social life align. This could be your reality and the best part – it’s all in one place.


This micro-living lifestyle is filled with maximum entertainment. There’s always an event, activity or social scene to join. It’s no secret that we believe in making the most of every moment and every square foot.


We’ve managed to create the perfect dichotomy of all-inclusive and exclusive. It’s 100,000 sq. ft. of space to work and play. All residents will have access to our rooftop amenities including an outdoor pool, clubhouse and cabanas. Bragging rights included with purchase.

Limited micro-retail, office, and residential units available.
Be one of the first to sign up to receive pre-construction pricing.

the BLOQ parq News

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Be A Better Boss And Get Better Results

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5 Ways To Keep Your Business Going During Challenging Times

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How to Create the Perfect Business Name

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