Starting a new venture takes courage, preparation, and persistence. And although you may have taken the time to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s, setbacks happen. As an entrepreneur, it is imperative to learn how to be comfortable taking a risk and accept that mistakes are a part of business ownership. theBLOQparq (tBp) champions the courage of those who are brave enough to pursue their passions despite the challenges. We have found these perspective-changing tips to be helpful in making mistakes feel more like opportunities—an invitation to gain insight and pivot in the direction of long-term success.

A welcome dose of humility

Individuals who believe they are incapable of making mistakes usually don’t last long enough to see their vision come to fruition. Recognizing (and owning) our shortcomings reminds us that we are human. And as humans, we aren’t perfect. Amid these moments, staying humble means managing our initial emotions, thinking things through, and acting with equal parts intuition and evaluation.

Acting as a personal case study

To learn from our mistakes, we must be willing to dissect and analyze them. Through this approach, we can grow as people and as business owners. With thoughtful, truthful reflection, we can comprehend the motives, biases, and blind spots that caused the mistake to take place. As a result, we should be able to formulate better solutions for the future.

“If you’re not making some mistakes, it probably means you’re not trying hard enough.”

– Evan Davis

Offering a chance to connect

Telling stories to others is an effective way of revealing your previous mistakes in a relatable way – and helping others to avoid those same pitfalls. When sharing the challenges you’ve had to overcome, people are more likely to connect personally and your business as a brand – that has overcome the odds. Everyone loves rooting for the underdog, right?

Knock, knock, wisdom is here

The knowledge that is gained from our life experiences, both the good and bad, is priceless. As an entrepreneur, you can receive all the advice in the world, but nothing replaces the wisdom that comes with doing it yourself. We learn through our actions, along with the reactions and results they cause. To be wise is to experience life. And to live life to the fullest, one must not fear making mistakes.

It’s easy to feel disappointed when things don’t go your way, but you’d be surprised how these bumps in the road end up steering you in the right direction. The important thing is to maintain your sense of optimism and inspiration – two things tBp has in spades.

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