There exists a power in being humble. Having the ability to leave ego behind and replace it with the desire for collaboration allows us to be a part of something greater. At the BLOQ parq (tBp), big things are coming, and it all starts with our innovative small spaces. We are market makers – building a micro-community that is like nothing else Nevada has ever seen. We don’t claim to have the ability to predict the future; however, tBp is determined to help shape it.
Never Too Small
Never Too Small

Never Too Small

Source: Never Too Small, Episode 39

We are working tirelessly behind the scenes to get these micro-residential units out to market. We can’t go into too much detail just yet, but we can promise it will be worth the wait. Currently, there exists a YouTube channel called Never Too Small. It highlights the creative use of space as explained by the designers and architects who brought the ideas to fruition. As of April 8, 2021, it had 1.57 million subscribers — proof that people are craving more of the small space living, larger than life concept. Here are some things you can expect from our high-end, envy-worthy spaces.

Transformative in more ways than one

Designed with the idea that life involves being in a constant state of transition, our micro- residential spaces will be adaptable. Whether it’s a wood-slatted sliding wall or an elegant floor-length curtain divider, your living quarters will be able to transform in a matter of seconds. Creating the option for multiple floor plans gives you the ability to utilize the square footage in a way that best meets your various needs and moods.

Source: Never Too Small, Episode 36

Designed with intuitive intricacies

There will be no room for boring or bland in our micro-residential units. We will take the smallest details and turn them into the boldest statements. Without ever having to say a word, everything you could want or need will be considered. How the functional and fashionable components masterfully coexist will feel ahead of its time, and that’s because it is. We are creating a living concept (complemented by onsite opportunities for work and play) that future generations will try to emulate.

Leaving inefficiency behind

It’s about meeting your needs today, tomorrow and for years to come — consistently exceeding expectations along the way. The smaller living quarters result in higher levels of energy efficiency and a smaller environmental footprint. Additionally, the materials we source will be eco-friendly and cost-effective. Every square foot of our micro-residential spaces will be put to good use, from everyday necessities such as storage solutions to additional perks like having the ability to accommodate guests. Rest assured, the furniture, feel-good vibes, and guaranteed envy of others are all built-in.

Never Too Small
Never Too Small

Source: Never Too Small, Episode 53

tBp is not just a place to reside. It is a community that allows you to thrive. We are here to act as your ally in entrepreneurial pursuits, philanthropic endeavors, meaningful collaborations, and anything else that brings you a sense of purpose. There is no confinement within these walls — just the confidence to pursue passions and make the most of opportunities when they inevitably knock on your micro-residential door.

About Never Too Small. At the forefront of small footprint living, architects and designers are experimenting and perfecting the creative use of space. Transforming the way we live and interact. Never Too Small is dedicated to small-footprint design: Featuring micro-apartments, tiny homes, and self-contained projects alongside their designers. With more than one million subscribers, we’re celebrating unique, different, and small.

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