Working long hours to bring your dream to life is no easy feat. And although sacrifice comes with the territory of building a business you love, burnout can pose a big threat to your long-term success as an entrepreneur – not to mention, your overall state of well being. If you feel a lack of focus, increased anxiety, or a struggle to get motivated, you may be on the brink of burnout. theBLOQparq (tBp) understands what it’s like to possess an undeterrable drive and desire to succeed, but taking the time to find balance and address when you’ve taken on too much is a critical part of the business ownership equation.

1. You Work Too Many Hours
Although hard work and long hours often translate into business growth, overdoing it may have the opposite impact. Wearing yourself thin can cloud judgment, deter your focus and disconnect you from the original intentions of developing your vision. You can counteract your overworking ways and rearrange your thinking by scheduling shorter work periods. Don’t feel guilty for taking necessary breaks (even lengthy ones) between the hours you are putting in.

70 percent of small business owners reported that they work more than 40 hours a week.
Source: Fundera

2. Your Creativity is Drained
When you narrow your focus on a project, your creativity can quickly be spent to the exclusion of all other things. And although a singular focus is often a blessing, it can also be a curse. If you find that your narrowed focus is straining your creativity, it’s time to change it up. Step away from the current project, choose something that taps into a different source of talent or energy, or consider pursuing a non-work related passion or a volunteer opportunity. Just don’t be afraid to pivot from the main path every now and again.

3. You Lose Your Joy
What is it all worth if you no longer find joy in your entrepreneurial endeavor? It’s essential to stay connected to the initial reason you decided to start your own business. That spark you felt when you first launched your brand is worth holding onto. A great way to reconnect is to allow yourself to get lost in learning something new, taking a different approach to your work, or reinventing your brand. The goal is to identify a piece of the process that can bring you back to your happy place.

4. You Overextend Yourself
If you feel stretched for time and energy, there’s a good chance you are overextending yourself. The emotional weight of being all things to all people and bearing responsibility for every element of your business can take its toll. Therefore, it is critical to block out time in the week for your mental health including habits like meditation or yoga. Going for a walk or meeting a friend for a coffee will also suffice. Your business can only flourish and have a healthy presence in the marketplace if you have a healthy presence in life.

It is critical to take good care of yourself and your talents so you may bring your very best to the table each day. Identify the feelings of struggle and then look for actions that can recharge your batteries and provide relief from the things that are draining you. tBp’s vision is to build a community of growth and support where entrepreneurs can find the balance they need to avoid burnout and succeed.

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