When we raised our glasses of champagne and shouted Happy New Year at midnight to welcome 2020, we could never have foreseen what the coming 365 days would have in store. One day we were going about business as usual, then next our businesses were shut down. But amidst all the uncertainty, one thing is for certain – there is positivity to be found.

A gained sense of appreciation.

No one asked for this kind of a wake-up call, but needless to say, our eyes are wide open. The little things in life we once took for granted are now sources of immense amounts of gratitude. Such as meeting a friend for an espresso at your local coffee shop, arranging for a play date with your child’s classmates. Watching a sports game in a stadium packed with fans. Getting dressed and ready to leave the house without needing to bring a mask with you. The list goes on and on.

It just means that when things do get back to normal (and we all must believe they eventually will), every moment will be more meaningful. And this time around, we will work to keep complacency out of the equation to ensure another “wake-up” call doesn’t make an appearance.

Finding ways to stay connected.

When you are asked to stay at least 6 feet apart and avoid being in the same room with groups of more than ten people at a time – especially those who are high risk, things can get pretty lonely. Since mid-March, we were all put in a position where extra effort needed to stay in touch with loved ones near and far. Group video chats, longer phone calls, and (gasp) even handwritten letters have become mainstream. Where there is a will, there is a way. And where there are humans, there is a need to connect.

For this reason, it’s crucial for us to view these new regulations not so much as social distancing but physical distancing. Despite and because of COVID, we will find ways to come together. So keep hosting those virtual game nights, sharing a glass of wine via Facetime, and fitting a workout in together over Zoom. And when those 6 feet of distance is safe to be removed, you can hug until your heart’s content – and maybe continue the virtual game night tradition, too.

Inspiring creativity and innovation.

Where there are problems, there are solutions waiting to be discovered. So when the universe throws a challenge or two or one hundred our way, we resolve to make things better. The rules under which our schools and places of business have become accustomed to following will adjust. The ways we are used to doing things will change. Big thinkers and entrepreneurs will step up, creating new products and operational systems that help change the countless question marks we currently have into exclamation points.

It’s never really been about Darwinism and survival of the fittest, but rather survival of the fiercest mind, body, and spirit. COVID has given us the chance to witness how resilient humans can be. From children who can’t fully comprehend the magnitude of what’s currently going on in the word to adults who don’t know how to turn their minds off, the power of positivity has no limit. So, remain optimistic that tomorrow will be better.

Building a future worth looking forward to.

#AloneTogether has become the coined phrase to describe COVID. Well, at The BLOQ parq (tBp), we believe in connecting people in a way that means even when you are alone, you are never lonely. Filled with micro-retail, office, and residential spaces, we are building a community, cultivating entrepreneurship, finding ways to give back, and embracing what lies ahead. tBp is a place for people to feel safe and supported in all that they do.

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