Whether you are working from home or back in the thick of things in a traditional workspace, the environment where you operate your business needs to motivate and inspire. If you aren’t feeling the mojo, you once did while plugging away at your growing to-do list, and it may be time to give your office space a creative boost. You don’t need a degree in environmental psychology to make your office space feel less ho-hum and more heck yeah! So move aside HGTV because theBLOQparq (tBp) is here to share some basic building blocks of good design.

“We spend almost a third of our lives in the office…it’s essential to foster an environment that empowers people with the right space to work, think and collaborate naturally.”
– Morten Meisner-Jensen, Co-Founder of ROOM

1. Create an accent wall

Office interiors tend to be clean-lined and designed for function, but that doesn’t mean they can’t capture the essence of your brand’s personality. A practical and low-cost way to add a bit of positive energy to your workspace is with a splash of color. You can create an accent wall that mirrors one (or all!) of the colors in your brand palette. Want to kick it up a notch? Have your company logo printed on the wall, or find a wallpaper pattern that complements your brand identity.

Bonus Tip: If you are ready to paint an accent wall but not sure which one in your office is best, think of the accent color(s) as a piece of art. Consider the focal wall in your space and where would be the best showcase of your “art.

2. Let there be light

Natural light is a rare find in traditional office spaces, so allow for it wherever you can. Avoid entirely or even partially blocking windows, and if sharing your business space with others, substitute transparent partitions for solid ones. This allows you to divide the space without blocking the sunbeams fighting their way into your creative haven. You may want to consider purchasing these natural daylight lamps to brighten up the space literally and figuratively.

Along with natural light, incorporating other elements of nature into the workspace is essential. Find ways to bring the outdoors in with plants, water features, and paintings of scenery that give you a sense of zen.

3. Don’t skimp on seating

Without a doubt, the majority of your workday will be spent sitting at your desk. Finding a chair that is comfortable and ergonomic should be a top priority. If it’s beautiful, consider that a bonus. Trust us. Your bottom will thank you for not being cheap when purchasing your chair. This idea is part of a more significant design concept related to decorating your dream office space: function over fashion. Make sure every furniture item you purchase serves its purpose.

4. Room to relax and refuel

Being a boss is fulfilling but can also pose a challenge in regards to work-life balance. Taking time to step away from your desk can be a challenge, especially living the entrepreneur life. However, breaks in the day to pause and reflect can lower stress and lead to higher productivity levels. If stepping outside your office space each day isn’t a realistic option, consider carving out a corner reserved for downtime. A comfy chair, some books, or a BlueTooth speaker for streaming your favorite 70’s yacht rock — whatever it may be that gives you the lift you need to recharge.

In a larger office space, you also want to incorporate a space that encourages collaboration—areas where people can gather to have meaningful conversations and invigorating brainstorming sessions. Even within your home office, you can set aside an area specifically for ideation.

5. Embrace the less is more mentality

You may think this is a no-brainer – but the truth is if you take a moment to look around, most likely you have some clutter clogging up your space along with your ability to be creative and productive. Selecting aesthetically pleasing desk organizers can add unexpected motivation to keep your surfaces clean and clear. We all need to channel our inner Marie Kondo and only keep things that bring us joy. Ridding our spaces (especially workspaces) of unnecessary items proves to lighten the load while providing a sense of enlightenment.

For small businesses and start-ups, innovation and inspiration are the driving forces of progress, so it only makes sense your space should evoke those feelings. tBp is ready to provide you with customized office space you can make your own, and we can’t wait to see your creativity flow!

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