As an entrepreneur, you love what you do, but the struggle to achieve a meaningful work-life balance is an artform that must be perfected. In an ideal world, every business owner would be able to make time to spend with loved ones, while achieving higher levels of professional success and maintaining an overall state of well-being. However, reality can look quite different. Lucky for you, theBLOQparq (tBp), has created an environment with an innate harmony between the live-work-play components of life. In addition to spending as much time at tBp as possible, you’ll also want to put the following steps into action!

Give Yourself A Break

The concept of taking a break may seem strange, but taking time away from the office won’t hurt your business. When you are well-rested, your business will benefit. So during those days of high stress, listen to your body and step away if you need to. Be sure to get enough sleep at night, eat well and take time for yourself on the weekends too. Enjoy the company of friends and family and make memories that can fuel inspiration and energize your workdays. A balanced approach to life and business begins with caring for yourself both physically and mentally.

Half of all U.S. business owners work 50 or more hours per week, and 20 percent work 60 or more hours.
Source: The Alternative Board

Structure Your Schedule

It’s a pretty incredible thing to be your own boss—especially when it comes to structuring your schedule. That said, don’t forget to set clear boundaries with your work hours, and stick to them! Even if your to-do list is miles long, the truth is, as an entrepreneur, there will always be something you need to get done. Try to leave your office by a defined time every day and commit to it. A helpful hint is to schedule an hour-long “meeting” to hit the gym, enjoy a hobby or indulge in a long lunch break away from the confines of your office or storefront.

Learn To Say No

Despite how organized you may be or how well your time is managed, all entrepreneurs inevitably struggle to meet the long list of demands and responsibilities that come with the territory of being your own boss. Learning to get comfortable with the word “No” is an integral part of maximizing the hours in your day. Give yourself permission to refuse unrealistic expectations, whether it is a client’s or your own. The result: More room for the things that are most important to you.

Never Overlook The Importance Of Self-Care

Actively commit to these tips below and boost your “me time” vibe — even when you are in the office!

  • Reduce stress with a short, simple meditation
  • Stay hydrated throughout your day
  • Keep healthy snacks available and within reach
  • Stand up and stretch or move when sitting for longer than one hour

Knowing what actions to put in place means being able to have a successful business and a satisfying, healthy personal life. With tBp’s plan for a micro-community centered around positivity and purpose you’ll have the perfect setting in which to pursue your (well-balanced) entrepreneurial dreams. Our ready-made custom micro-retail and office spaces are designed to bring balance and well-being to the forefront of your everyday life. But be sure to manage your time wisely, because these units will go fast.

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