A smart and expertly executed sales process can guide your team in the right direction as they interact with, and sell to, your customers. These systems are put into place to ensure your salespeople never miss a crucial step or a customer acquisition opportunity. theBLOQparq (tBp) is busy building our own process for connection as we craft an innovative lifestyle grounded in community and collaboration that will lead to sales success for all of our incubator entrepreneur tenants.

A main part of what allows others to succeed is sharing resources, which is something tBp happens to love doing. So here are some steps to consider when looking to develop a robust sales process!

Do your research and share what you know

You know what you sell and where you stand among the competition in the marketplace, but is your sales team aware of his important information? It is imperative that your employees are intimately familiar with your product or service, your target market, and the value your business brings to the industry. This type of preparation acts as a foundation for every step that follows in the sales process.

Target markets and allocated resources

Identifying your target market is something that every entrepreneur must do in order to set themselves up for greater growth potential. Whatever information and insight you gather must be clearly communicated to your team, but it doesn’t stop there. A complete customer profile or persona should be established to successfully screen potential clients for sales success. This approach allows team members to allocate resources that are often limited at the beginning of a business’s journey to high-value leads.

Never overlook the customer approach

Here is where face to face comes in. Whether it’s providing a free sample or asking the right questions, the highly anticipated in-person interaction must be handled correctly. This is why it’s so important for you and your team to understand what makes your potential customer tick and what support your product can provide. Skills like active listening, empathy, and trust-building require deployment at this stage.

42 percent of people would be encouraged to make a purchase if the sales rep called back at an agreed-upon, specified time.
Source: Invespcro

Fine-tuning the infamous sales pitch

Drum roll please…this is the moment at which the unique value you can bring to your customer’s life is articulated. That goal is accomplished by connecting their needs to the appropriate features and benefits your product or service provides. One note worth mentioning here; be sure to always focus on the buyer versus a “hard sell” approach. Make the customer your full-on focus while maintaining a feeling of authenticity regarding your sales tactics and your brand’s value.

Handle objections professionally and gracefully

Salespeople are no strangers to rejection. When the going gets tough, individuals on your team need to have a certain amount of grit, thick skin, and an ability to roll with the punches. Your team needs to manage and overcome objections in a productive way. In other words, even if they are unable to convince the customer to purchase the product or service, they must still be able to take away something constructive and positive from the interaction. This type of attitude is what leads to long-term success. ,

Closing time

It’s the name of a great song and also the final step in the sales process. Any proposal or quote created for the close should be presented as a tailored solution for each individual client. Depending on the type of transaction that is taking place, there may be an approval process or massaging of contract conditions, which will require your team to be patient and have an empathetic ear. At the end of the day – and the sale – customer satisfaction is a priceless part of the sales process equation.

This post-sale space is where customer relationships grow, referrals are shared, and repeat business is encouraged. The growth of your business and its success is something tBp is passionate about. With an environment crafted for those ready to build, learn and grow, we are selling the idea of dreams being brought to life. Ready to join us?

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