If you struggle to identify what makes your service or product stand out, defining your unique selling proposition (USP) is a task you must make a priority. Your USP not only describes what makes you unique but acts as the foundation for all your marketing and promotional efforts. A strong selling proposition clarifies your company’s offerings for your customers and speaks to why you rank above the rest.

At theBLOQparq (tBp), we believe each business is as unique as the entrepreneur who launched it, and we want to make sure your one-of-a-kind spirit will translate through to those you seek to reach. Try following these 4 steps to begin identifying your USP:

1. Identify Your Target Market
Before you can begin marketing your services, you need to know your target audience. It is essential to be as specific as possible. The more you can describe the characteristics of who your potential buyers are, the better.

2. Compare And Contrast
To understand what makes your offerings unique, you need to do market research by evaluating your competitors. Compare your features and benefits with what you have discovered. What are the benefits of your business that set you apart?

3. Define Your Customer Promise
An unexpected component of a successful USP is making a pledge to your clients. While this can be implied rather than spelled out, you’ll want to write your promise down and keep it front and center within each area of your business.

4. Make Sense Of It All
Once you’ve completed the aforementioned steps, you’ll need to analyze the information you’ve collected. In the end, what makes your business unique will start to materialize. One single area of strength should become apparent, and then it is time to embrace it. Own it. And promote it.

How to Promote Your USP

Once you’ve reviewed your findings, it’s time to put them to work. You’ll want to craft your USP statement first. It is somewhat of a tagline that allows you to embody what differentiates your product or service from other competitors in a short, concise manner, i.e., Target’s “Expect More. Pay Less.” Here are a few more examples of intelligent USP statements or value propositions:

Vistaprint: Fast, Cheap Printing For Growing Businesses On A Budget
FedEx: When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight
Dollar Shave Club: A personalized, top-shelf grooming routine as unique as you are

After you’ve established your value proposition, you’ll want to integrate it into your branding. Your USP should be communicated across all aspects of your business, from messaging to design, and carried through your marketing strategy. When combined with strategic promotional tactics, your USP is a powerful play for tapping into those who need your service or product the most!

The more you differentiate your business from the rest, the better your chance at lasting success. It’s a success that tBp wants to help you achieve. We are on a mission to allow entrepreneurs and small business owners to do more than exist. We want to improve your ability to realize your dreams and to thrive.

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