Approximately 77% of all consumers make purchases based on a brand name.
Source: Brandlance

You’ve got the vision and the plan, but the name game for your new business is something that has you held up – and for good reason. Landing on the right name for your company holds weight. It can make or break whether your target market understands who you are and what you offer. At theBLOQparq (tBp) we continually strive to support your journey toward entrepreneurial success, so let’s look at some of the elements you’ll need for a business name that makes a positive, lasting impression.

Make it memorable.

The first thing your customer interacts with is your business’s name, so make it memorable. You need a name that rolls off the tongue so that customers can recall it quickly. Word of mouth marketing is still alive and well, and a memorable, easy to pronounce name keeps you in the conversation.

Names set a foundation for understanding and helps a brand tell its story. Anthropologists contend that 70% of everything we learn is through story.
Source: Branding Strategy Insider

Eliminate confusion.

A clear, correctly named business leaves no room for confusion. Your customers should know who you are and what you do (or sell). Lack of clarity is a common concern and one you’ll want to be aware of from the beginning.

Leave room to grow.

Although it is essential to make your name relatable to what you sell or how you service an industry, it is critical to allow some wiggle room for eventual expansion. By specifying a type of service or product in your business name, you can hinder growth and opportunity down the line.

Avoid being trendy.

Naming a business is a long-term commitment, so this is not the time to hop on the trend train. You’ll want to identify a name that can withstand the test of time and seamlessly transition from year to year.

Finding the perfect balance of short, simple, and memorable is a tall order. Luckily, a good brainstorming session can help you dig deep and begin the work of a worthy name.

 tBp Business Name

Here’s a little pro tip for you.

Once you’ve identified words and phrases from your brainstorm session that stand out, write them on separate slips of paper and mix and match in different combinations to generate potential business names.

You’ll know when you’ve found a real contender. But before your heart is set and you begin registering your business as an LLC or Corporation, you’ll want to do a name search. This is a crucial step to ensure that the name you’ve selected is not similar to one previously registered.

With your name defined, and your plan in place, tBp will be ready to accommodate your location needs with our masterfully planned, innovatively designed live/work/play/thrive community. You’ll find customizable micro-retail and micro-office units to bring your visions to life. Once you get the word out and people start saying – and loving – your brilliant brand name, you’ll be well on your way building your business like a BOSS.

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