Virtual kitchen. Cloud kitchen. Dark kitchen. They’re all the same thing, just with a different name. At theBLOQparq (tBp), we prefer the term Ghost kitchen, and we will have multiple kitchens on-site to assist restaurateurs, caterers, and entrepreneurs in expanding their businesses. Ghost kitchens don’t play favorites. From the big wigs to the little guys, every foodie and 5-star chef can benefit. Before we talk about all the things to love about Ghost kitchens, let’s start with a definition.

What is a ghost kitchen?

Ghost kitchens are a business model created in response to the increasing demand for online and delivery orders. They have proven to be an innovative, affordable solution. They are not invisible, but they don’t include conventional storefront exteriors. The chairs, tables, and waiters may have disappeared, but so have high rent and high-risk factors. Ghost kitchens are a smart and savvy way to get a taste of the multi-faceted restaurant landscape.

  • Adults who order out 1x per week 60% 60%

Over 60 percent of the American adult population orders takeout once per week.

Optimization is a key ingredient.

The ability to streamline and simplify the way you do things is one reason ghost kitchens can result in out of this world growth for your business. By solely concentrating on the delivery component, you can focus on improving your operations. Things like creating a minimalistic kitchen, defining a smoother workflow for digital orders, implementing smarter packaging solutions, and refining your menu to include only items that will arrive at the consumer’s door looking and tasting good.

There won’t be any boos around here.

Ghost Kitchen

The multiple uses and benefits of ghost kitchens will have you saying ooh and ah. There are many reasons for you to consider using a ghost kitchen. We understand your current stage, and what you’re looking to achieve will differ from one individual to the next. That’s what makes the adaptability and versatility of ghost kitchens so attractive. They are ideal for any or all of the following situations.

– Adding a second location to the mix
If you’re a restaurant owner who already has one successful brick and mortar location in place, a ghost kitchen is a perfect way to expand your business. Whether you need a space specifically dedicated to keeping up with online orders or you want to expand your delivery zone radius, ghost kitchens are a cost-effective way to do both.

– Measuring your potential for success
Attention all talented chefs and entrepreneurs with new culinary concepts to share with the masses. You’re invited to gauge the market and demand that exists for your products without the added risks or overhead costs of opening a full-service restaurant. And with its lean production model, a ghost kitchen will have your business up and running in a week, not half a year.

– Serving up impressive catering options
If you’re a caterer looking to gain a following (or build upon the one you have), our ghost kitchen will be your dream come true. Conveniently located next to the tBp stage and performance area, the large number of events hosted there will serve as your path to join the likes of Bobby Flay and Anne Burrell. From business meetings to family reunions to intimate weddings, you’ll be reigning in the rave reviews.

– Helping to carry out your vision
As an entrepreneur, you know a good deal when you see one. A ghost kitchen is a fantastic way to leverage a pre-established framework. Everything you need to prepare your food, such as refrigerators, ovens, warming drawers, and many other appliances, is provided. Most importantly, the tBp ghost kitchen will comply with OSHA laws, state building codes, and foodservice regulations. All you have to worry about is showcasing your skillets and skills.

Recently, Covid-19 has acted as an additional curveball thrown into the mix. Ghost Kitchens were already on the rise, but the pandemic has given the trend an extra boost.

Social distancing regulations and nation-wide dine-in restrictions accelerated customer shift to delivery orders. And according to NPR, this trend will continue growing online ordering revenue from $27B to $240B in 2024.

Source: upmenu

The ghost kitchen at tBp doesn’t require you to commit to a long-term contract, and in turn, you will benefit from the commitment we have to the people living, working, and playing within our community. Just as every individual ingredient works together to make a delicious, complete dish – tBp is here to allow individuals to thrive as a part of something greater than themselves.

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