You know everything to make the perfect caffeinated beverage, from a classic espresso to a creamy latte to frothy cappuccino. It’s time you moved up the corporate coffee ladder and traded in the barista title for café owner. And there’s no better place than theBLOQparq (tBp) to brew up some inspiration for all the possibilities the dream of being your own boss holds.

How “the coffee lover” craze came to be.

Second only to oil, coffee is the most valuable, legally traded commodity in the world. Having a cup (or three) of coffee has become a daily ritual for millions of people worldwide. It is estimated that 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed each day worldwide. How did this little bean become so ingrained in our culture? Take a look at this caffeine-induced timeline:


In light of the Boston Tea Party, swapping coffee for tea became somewhat of a Patriotic duty.

Late 1800s

Coffee had become a global commodity and began to pique the interest of entrepreneurs.


The first Starbucks opens its doors in Seattle.


Independently owned cafes continue to pop up as the grass-roots coffee movement has created a loyal and growing customer base.

Why the history lesson?

To know where you are going, it is essential to understand your past. As an aspiring coffee shop owner, you want to use that path that’s already been paved to help you get farther in your entrepreneurial journey. And lucky for you, the destination at which you’ve arrived is tBp.

We may not be the Boston Tea Party, but we are here to make a statement. Just as espresso has transitioned into an expression of personality and lifestyle, tBp will change the way people view micro-style communities. It will be a highly sought after destination where people will desire to live, work, play, and thrive. tBp is guaranteed to create a buzz and serve as the perfect place for your coffee shop to call home.

People want their drink precisely the way they want it.

As a barista (soon to be coffee boss), you know how important it is to get a customer’s morning beverage of choice just right – every detail matters from less froth to half-caff to extra whip. Your loyal guests trust you to deliver their cup of happiness with quickness, quality, and a smile. At tBp, we will make your dream micro-retail space a reality. Every element can be customized to your liking and completed in a timely, cost-effective fashion. The building process and materials used are top-notch, too. It’s your turn to sit back and relax while we serve you.

It’s not just about the espresso – it’s about the experience.

Loyalty doesn’t just happen. It is something that must be earned. By consistently providing a convenient, comforting, and authentic experience, you will establish a good rapport with your customers. The same can be said of tBp. Bringing this project to fruition took a lot of thought, passion, hard work, and cups of Joe, of course.

Our top priority was creating an environment that facilitated optimism, excitement, and a sense of belonging. It sounds like the perfect complementary setting for your coffee shop, right? And like an extra shot of espresso, tBp will give you the boost you need to get your shop up and running. With our marketing plan already in place, the guaranteed daily hustle and bustle of foot traffic, and complimentary financial coaching, the benefits are as sweet as a caramel macchiato with a generous amount of caramel drizzle.

The global coffee market, which was valued at approximately 102.15 billion USD in 2019 is expected to reach a revenue worth of 155.64 billion USD by 2026.


Flawlessly combining different roasts.

Coffee making has become an art form mastered by one’s ability to balance complex flavors and terroirs. Finding new combinations to please the palate involves bringing the right elements together. Creativity and collaboration are key ingredients tBp provides to our micro-retail tenants. Hosting networking events (your coffee shop could be the venue), incorporating co-working spaces, serving as a hub for presentations, seminars, meaningful conversations, and connections. tBp provides a one-of-a-kind opportunity to build your own legacy. Sip on that for a while.

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