Imagine a community that blends a live, work, and play atmosphere with affordability, value, and a safe environment for kids and families to thrive. A place where philanthropic endeavors happen frequently, and entrepreneurs innovate, create and begin new brands that may soon be a household name.

In other words, tBp will be an incredible master-planned, micro-space community that offers everything you could want in one, energetic hub as part of the Henderson Redevelopment Program.

In other words, tBp will be an incredible master-planned, micro-space community that offers everything you could want in one, energetic hub as part of the Henderson Redevelopment Program.

Park the car and leave it parked.

Say goodbye to the commute and say hello to having more time for enjoying your coffee and reading an interesting article. tBp invites you to live where you work and work where you live. Forget about sitting in traffic, eliminate the word commute from your vocabulary, and leave behind the stress of searching for a parking spot – hoping for “parking karma” to make an appearance. The ease of living where you work means spending less time behind the wheel and more time propelling your business ahead.

The social component is built-in.

Living at tBp and having a social life go hand in hand. Impressive amenities include a private, residents-only rooftop pool and clubhouse. Some spaces are ideal for hosting special events and a list of tenant-only networking, meet-ups, and family-friendly events. Walk a few yards further, and an entire public retail hub will be at your beck and call – featuring retail shops, fashion boutiques, artisan foods, cafés, restaurants, grooming lounges, meditation centers, and more.

You’ve heard of the package deal.

Well, tBp is wrapping it up with a gold ribbon. Concerts, pop-up shops, wine tastings, farmer’s markets, and a family-friendly play area – anything you could want or need is here. That includes our Ghost Kitchens, which are available to be rented for public or private special events with state-of-the-art kitchen amenities to create your most imaginative smorgasbord. By now, you should be getting a taste of tBp life.

Leave your watch behind.

Taking a stroll to your micro-office space or retail space, a short walk away from your residence is a breath of fresh air – literally. It means you can better enjoy your hard work and efforts. Being in close proximity to your workspace means no more panic attacks when you forget an important contract or rearranging your entire schedule if you want a well-deserved massage.

A walkable community allows for the flexibility of time, and we could all use more time.

Working where you live helps de-stress your life, save on gas and car repairs, and clear your mind from unnecessary hassles. So, get yourself a nice pair of walking shoes because tBp is a step in the right direction personally and professionally.

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