In addition to strategic planning, every entrepreneur should have a vision statement and mission statement. While a mission statement concentrates on what a company can provide for its customers, a vision statement is more self-focused, outlining the business’s goals for growth and success.┬╣ The two work in tandem to provide a necessary roadmap for your journey forward. theBLOQparq (tBp) understands the power that exists within a grand vision. We continue to build on our plan to create an all-encompassing lifestyle packed with amenities for those who desire to be part of a thriving micro-community. Let’s take a look at what a mission statement and vision statement can do to define your why.

The Vision Statement

The vision statement is all about the future of your organization. It is a long-term goal that inspires while communicating a relevant purpose to your employees and your stakeholders. As for putting your statement into words, you want it to be concise so that individuals can easily understand and embrace what it’s saying. However, a vision statement should be more than a catchy tagline. You want it to be smart, memorable, and a reflection of your company’s culture. You can shape a vision statement that reflects the true nature of your business by asking yourself these questions:

  • What impact do I want my brand to have on my industry, community, and the world?
  • How will my brand interact with customers and clients?
  • What will the culture of my business look like, and how will it affect those who are part of it?

The Mission Statement

A mission statement is about the current state of your organization and identifies your primary goals and objectives. It should provide detailed information about your business, what it does, how it does it, and who it serves. When creating it, you want to avoid sounding dull. You want to create a manifesto that leads to inspired action.

A strong mission promotes brand differentiation, consumer passion, and brand engagement.

Unlike the vision statement, the focus of the mission statement exists within the here and now. Focusing on the short-term will enable you to achieve your business’s future desires (i.e., the vision). Mission statements invite people to join a movement of sorts, to be a part of something greater. It creates a sense of loyalty for both employees and customers and clarifies the purpose of your organization to stakeholders. Before getting started, you’ll want to answer these questions:

  • What does your company create, or what service does it provide?
  • Why does your company matter, and to whom?
  • How does your company make a difference to people, the environment, or both?

The mission and vision statements aim to set your company’s compass. Your journey is made easier with these two tasks accomplished and a destination set in your sights. The American dream of business ownership is an ideal that tBp has a vision and mission for supporting. Whether you seek your start as a micro-retail storefront or a micro-office-based business, we offer customizable spaces designed to get you on track for a future filled with only good things.


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