Community involvement isn’t a mere option for business owners; it’s a necessity. Whether you have an online business or a traditional brick-and-mortar store, becoming an active part of your community is a solid way to boost the visibility of your business while doing a little good in the world. theBLOQparq (tBp) models this belief and feels it is more than a frame of mind — it is a way of being. Jumping in and becoming a familiar face within your community is beneficial for many reasons, but here are some highlights to consider!

Paying It Forward Leads To Growth

Dedicating your time, effort and resources on a local level is positive in many ways. You are playing an active role in community development, supporting the success of fellow residents, and encouraging a more profound sense of unity. Developing ties with customers and other business owners presents opportunities for meaningful collaboration and strengthened relationships among all parties involved.

Being Kind Builds Brand Awareness

When you step out into the community, it puts a face to the name of your business. Your presence makes your brand more visible and personable, allowing people to feel connected to your overall mission as a company. Becoming more involved in your community is a sincere way to build a trustworthy and likeable business that turns customers into brand ambassadors.

An estimated 82 percent of U.S. consumers say that corporate social responsibility factors into their decision-making process when buying a good or service.
Source: Forbes

Giving Can Get You Ahead Of The Competition

Fostering meaningful relationships within your community is important for you as a good human being. Seeing as people are more likely to buy from brands they know and trust, it also proves to be rewarding for you as a small business owner. Companies that are absent from the community landscape may feel colder or impersonal, giving you a leg up on the competition in your industry. Through intentional and inspiring interactions, your community becomes intertwined with your brand’s identity.

Positive Actions Lead To Positive Employee Morale

Community involvement has internal advantages too! Surveys show that employees are more likely to express higher satisfaction with their roles when working for a socially responsible business. Improved morale and contentment within a company can lead to higher staff productivity and impressive retention rates. Additionally, giving back as a company helps unify coworkers. According to UnitedHealth Group, 64 percent of surveyed employees bonded and built stronger connections while volunteering together.

Looking to make meaningful improvements?

Here are some ways your business can begin making a positive impact:

  • Donate to a local nonprofit
  • Volunteer at community shelters
  • Host food/book/recycling drives
  • Manage a neighborhood clean-up day
  • Provide pro bono services or products

Businesses, like tBp, that make philanthropy a priority, create realities where everyone benefits. Giving is about maintaining a sense of gratitude and discovering the power that positivity has to transform people and places. Everyone is invited to explore all that the tBp micro-space community has to offer and, of course, to give.

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