As a self-proclaimed tea enthusiast, you’ve reaped the health benefits, studied the medicinal impacts, and indulged in the peace this ancient beverage brings to your body, mind, and spirit. With a renewed focus on health following 2020, the tea industry seems to have some momentum brewing. So perk up and make the most of an opportunity that will allow you to get a taste of entrepreneurship and prove business ownership is, indeed, your cup of tea.

The global tea market was valued at nearly 200 billion U.S. dollars in 2020, and is expected to rise to over 318 billion dollars by 2025.

With records of its use dating back to the 3rd century A.D., tea has a long history and undeniable popularity that spans the entire globe. According to Tea USA, in America alone, 159 million Americans are drinking tea every day! As you begin envisioning what your artisanal tea shop will look like, theBLOQparq (tBp) is bringing its vision of a multi-purpose community to life. You’ll find customizable, micro-retail spaces designed with small businesses in mind and an environment that caters to passionate incubator entrepreneurs like yourself. tBp is here to help you steep tea without all the steep upfront costs. Before you officially open up shop, you’ll want to know the latest trends in the growing tea industry.

Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world next to water and can be found in almost 80 percent of all U.S. households.

Beyond The Bag

When it comes to tea, it seems the basic blends in a bag are no longer good enough. According to, more and more tea enthusiasts are demanding a wider array of higher quality teas in restaurants and cafes. Loose leaf tea brewing, organic ingredients, and the option to add a touch of milk and honey have proven to be crowd-pleasers. Due to the high-profit margins loose leaf tea service delivers, it would be wise to consider marketing your high-end teas to nearby restaurateurs.

Tea With A Twist

A significant amount of the world’s trendy bars are adding some new items to their drink menu — signature tea cocktails. Since there are over 1,000 varieties of tea, the possibilities for creating a deliciously refreshing non-alcoholic beverage are endless. For those who enjoy going to the bars to drink but don’t necessarily want to get drunk, these zero-proof tea concoctions give the Shirley Temple some competition.

Health Conscious Consumers

Drinking tea for health benefits is nothing new, but the number of people jumping on the better beverage choice bandwagon has gone to a whole new level. Offering a complex blend of chemicals and additives – the most popular being turmeric, ginger, and chamomile – teas have become more attractive to the masses. According to, most of these tea additives are classified as “adaptogens,” which are substances known to relieve mental and physical stress. There are many tea varieties, such as black, Oolong, green, herbal, and fruit teas. Black tea happens to be the most requested due to its anti-spasmodic, anti-viral, and anti-allergenic properties. Green tea is also at the top of the list, thanks to improving cardiovascular health and weight loss efforts.

FUN FACT: Some premium teas may even include CBD oil, which has become popular among health enthusiasts and those looking for natural ways to alleviate debilitating pain. These special teas are entirely legal and safe, being that the CBD is derived from hemp.

An Age-Old Beverage That Appeals To All Ages

Tea is no longer a beverage reserved for grandparents on a relaxing Sunday afternoon. It is a drink that is considered cool among younger crowds as well. Generation Z has played a pivotal role in the rising demand for tea. From sparkling iced tea to Kombucha, it seems even the cool kids see the future of the tea industry as having an overflowing amount of growth potential.

Additional Revenue Streams Worth Sipping On

From teapots to teacups, your artisanal tea shop can sell a variety of tea-related items to keep your customers coming back. When you open a tea shop, you aren’t just selling a beverage; you’re selling an experience. It is always a good idea to use the products in your store that are available for purchase to help enrich your overall customer service and interactions. Here are a few examples:

  • In-store product sampling using tea kettles sold in your shop
  • Allow customers to make their own loose leaf tea blends
  • Lead tutorials about the health benefits of your teas
  • Have contests, i.e., guess the tea ingredients based on scent
  • Rent out your space to host intimate tea parties

Drinking tea is an act of self-care, and in a world where everyone is hyper-connected, launching your tea shop in a way that offers good products AND experiences can have a meaningful impact on those walking through your door. Introducing tea rituals and the peace it brings is a total mind and body indulgence many need, and you can provide it. tBp is the perfect, easy entry spot to launch your artisanal tea shop dreams in a small but impactful way. tBp believes in the holistic experience where the various aspects of your life can all come together — and thrive.

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