If doing the “hard sell” has never been your style, we have some good news for you. Simply being YOU has increased results over the tradition of the “sell, sell, sell” approach. To be authentic by definition means “to be truly what it is said to be.” With consumers having more access to information than ever before, they have options galore. Being genuine is an opportunity to connect with your customer and stand out from the crowd.

90 percent of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding on which brands to support.
Source: Social Media Today

theBLOQparq (tBp) knows a thing or two about the power of authenticity. As market makers, we wholeheartedly embrace our live, work, play, thrive mission. Facilitating an environment where connecting with others — including your customers — feels organic. Let’s touch on just a few of the reasons to ditch the hard sell approach.

The Genuine Factor

This is not a “fake it till you make it” situation. When it comes to being genuine, potential customers can sense whether you are truly passionate about the product or service you sell. And if you don’t believe in what you’re doing, why should they? On the contrary, when the optimism with which you speak and interact with your audience is genuine, the results are equally as positive. The most polished sales pitch can never replace the feeling of a genuine, person-to-person connection.

86 percent of buyers want to be able to ask in-person questions before buying, while 84 percent want to buy from someone they know and trust.
Source: PewResearch

Pass On The Sales-y Feel

It’s no secret. We all know that salespeople tend to get a bad rap. Earning trust and breaking stereotypical expectations can be a challenge. In being yourself, you are establishing a bond that doesn’t feel forced or contrived. Approaching customers with a mindset of “helping” versus “selling” has long-lasting impacts that will keep your connections moving in the right direction.

Conversations That Convert

authenticity in sales

The opportunity to talk with someone can arise at any moment, which is why getting comfortable with your most authentic self is crucial to making conversations convert with greater ease. Communication is key in all relationships and the business-customer relationship is no exception. Practicing sincerity, and enhancing your listening skills are two proven ways to build trust and ultimately, brand loyalty.

Being authentic means being true to yourself and your values through every step of the customer journey. Consumers want to deal with trustworthy, honest, and transparent companies from beginning to end. At tBp, we are dedicated to maintaining a micro-space community that brings people together in big ways. Encouraging entrepreneurs to discover their most authentic selves. Designed to house the small businesses of the future and to enhance the coworking experience, tBp allows you to focus on fostering relationships and growing your business one authentic step at a time.

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