“Defining your target market or niche is the single most important business decision you can make as an entrepreneur.”
– Saskia Gregory

Owning a business you love is an accomplishment in itself, but attracting business from clients you love is an even bigger win. No one wants to spend their days struggling to maintain partnerships that are not healthy or productive. Instead, the goal is to attract clients who value your expertise and trust you. And although a strong marketing plan is always a top priority, there are additional ways to find clients that fit your target market. theBLOQparq (tBp) has four tips for tapping into the authentic side of attracting clients who prove to be the perfect match.

1. Make yourself the expert

Pinpointing your areas of expertise can require time and discipline but will eventually usher in a beneficial payoff; your clients see you as a trusted partner. You can expect faster results and a return on bravery with clients that want what you sell and align with your brand. Take steps to claim your tried and true approach by offering insightful, relevant information for FREE and as often as possible. This is where blogging can prove beneficial.

2. Share your story

One of the best ways to establish a bond with your prospects is to share your story. You must be willing to share the path you’ve walked personally and professionally; don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. By opening up about your struggles and successes, you invite others to connect with you and your mission while showcasing your wisdom. People respond to people, not slick marketing, so put your story to work for you. Your authenticity and transparency are the most effective tools for building trust.

3. Mail a quarterly letter

Your existing clients are the best source for bringing in more business; what better way to cement those connections by reaching out in unconventional methods. The personal touch of a quarterly snail mail letter is a simple, meaningful way to stand out from the competition. Your letter should be heartfelt and update them on your business and any relevant industry-related news. Include an expression of gratitude for their patronage and the power of what a referral can do to strengthen your company’s footing.

4. Volunteer and pay it forward (You get what you give)

Building relationships should happen not just within your industry but within your community. By seeking out volunteer opportunities, you can nourish your bonds with those in your immediate area. These connections will expand exposure and allow you to build a positive reputation among the locals and other entrepreneurs. Whether serving on the Board of Directors for a non-profit or assisting with a charity event, the options for crafting connections are limitless. Remember: you get what you give.

One of the best ways to successfully scale up your business and its reach is by identifying a source of ideal customers who fit your company’s profile. That source is rooted in some of the tips shared above and building a home for your business in one of our customized micro-office and micro-retail spaces where the foundation for growth has been set. And you can share it to continue attracting more of the right clientele! tBp is ready to be a part of your entrepreneurial success story.

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