All Nevada Insurance Agency has been in business since 2002 and has several convenient locations throughout the Las Vegas & Henderson area. Offering a wide array of insurance products including auto, property, commercial and life insurance, the goal is to always find better ways to protect clients now – and well into the future.

What you know is great. Who you know is greater.

Tresja Christopher is definitely someone worth knowing. She is a knowledgeable and trustworthy resource regarding all things insurance. When working with Tresja, you can expect a warm welcome, a team with many years of experience, and coverage that provides a well-deserved sense of relief.

As theBLOQparq (tBp) team sat down for this interview with Tresja, Franchise Owner of All Nevada Insurance, her genuine, optimistic vibes could immediately be felt. Having an honest conversation about business ownership and insurance during a time when these two variables are occupying people’s minds, proved to be enjoyably insightful.

Allowing people to enhance personally, professionally and to achieve an overall state of well being is at the forefront of the tBp mission. Encouraging individuals to make the most of every opportunity is just one of our many strong suits. So please, take a micro-moment of your time to read this interview – you’ll be glad you did.

1. How did you get your start in the insurance business?

I got my start in the insurance industry after I achieved my Masters in Business. My final course was a class centered around business startups. Mapping out the steps from start to finish gave me the knowledge needed when beginning my journey within this chosen field.

Upon completion of my program, I began to research career fields that would be in line with my love for building relationships and problem solving. I discovered the insurance industry to be the perfect match for my talents and abilities. I then researched and found a carrier that would nurture and develop my skill sets.

Five years into my career as a single carrier provider, I decided to increase my reach and options offered to clients. I was able to accomplish this by opening a brokerage and offering over 100 carriers to my clients.

2. What tactics did you use and/or find the most successful in growing your company?

I have always placed a heavy emphasis on teamwork. I guide myself by the principle that yes, I can do things alone, but when the effort is multiplied – the amount of success follows suit.

In building my team it was (and is always) important that I find people who are self-starters and highly motivated to achieve excellence. In addition to hiring the right individuals, I remain well versed in the industry language and aware of the changes occurring that may affect my clients. I also make it a priority to be very active in the community I serve; participating in various networking opportunities and maintaining my relationships through multiple touchpoints.

3. What was the spark that ignited your entrepreneurial journey?

It’s interesting, but when I was in the beginning of my career I always played it very safe. I worked in corporate America and would seek to advance in the traditional ways. Becoming tenured, waiting patiently for an opportunity to come about, interviewing and hoping like hell I got the job.

Then it happened. The company was on a downturn and could no longer support my department and I was laid off from my 8 year position. There was nothing I could do or say to alter the events of that fateful day. I made up my mind; that would be the last time I would receive a pink slip. Because I was conditioned for so long to climb the corporate ladder, I had a lot of hesitancy making the leap into the entrepreneurial world.

The thought of not having a solid source of income was extremely off-putting but the alternative was just as grim, if not worse. Having something you had worked so hard for wiped away with the stroke of pen did not sit well with me. Once I weighed out the costs and benefits, I knew entrepreneurship was the right move for me.

4. What continues to serve as your main source of motivation and inspiration today?

I had my son Eyan when I was just 21 years old, so we have grown up together. When he was born I knew immediately that it was my life’s work to make sure he would have a good life. I raised Eyan to understand the value of people, hard work, and his word. When I have a hill to climb that seems too challenging I remind myself that I have a person who is counting on me to make it to the other side. So I am constantly pulling fuel from my “mom tank” to give me the power to push through and take it one mile at a time.

5. Many people would admire you for all that you’ve managed to accomplish as an entrepreneur; what advice would you give to someone looking to become their own boss?

I would tell people who are considering taking a trip down the entrepreneurial path to be fearless! Don’t let anyone derail your dreams. Many people will tell you that your ideas are bad, or that failure is inevitable. Begin to turn failure into fuel. Learning from your challenges will only make you better as you work to move forward in this space.

I would also tell people not to be so rigid regarding where the path takes you. When I dreamt of being an entrepreneur you can bet your biscuits I wasn’t saying to myself, “Wow, I really want to be an insurance broker.” I was saying to myself, “I want to be a boss.” The question that needed to be answered was: What opportunity would get me there? Once you figure out what motivates you, remain open to the many ways you can find fulfillment.

6. Everyone talks about location being key. When you were looking for a place to open your brick-and-mortar location, what was at the top of your priority list? What makes theBLOQparq an appealing place for you to open a second location?

Of course, location was a huge factor for me, but the cost per square foot was more important. I had to find the balance between being in a high enough traffic area that would not break the bank. I compromised by finding a location that is not in the busiest of areas but very conveniently located off the highway.

Opening a second office at theBLOQparq is appealing because it will be an insulated community where I would be able to market personal lines and commercial lines in one area. New business is going to be plentiful as all of the residents and tenants will be newly relocating. The idea that relationships can organically blossom due to the community-vibe theBLOQparq is committed to creating is very exciting to me.

7. Would you say the BLOQ park’s focus on convenience and practicality is complementary to the services you provide?

Absolutely. Our main goal is to find the best rates for our clients.

In essence, we don’t win unless the customer does. The main goal for most insurance companies is to have you buy their product and many times they only have one option to offer the customer. As a broker in the insurance industry, I have the luxury of working for the client and not the carrier. At All Nevada Insurance, we have access to quotes with over 100 carriers, which means more options for the clients and a greater chance they will find exactly what they need at a price they love. Our motto is: Win for our customers. Win for our agency owners. Win for the office team. Win for all Nevada Insurance.

8. With the current Covid-19 situation, how have you seen the needs and values of your customers change?

At the very beginning of the pandemic, a lot of people were calling about life insurance and accidental insurance. They wanted to make sure they had coverage if they got sick and/or were unable to work. Many people wanted to utilize life insurance as a financial resource during these completely unexpected and difficult times.

My team and I did a lot of counseling with individuals regarding their current coverage and identifying any gaps that existed. As an insurance company, it is our job and – in my mind – our obligation, to ensure client’s have confidence in their ability to meet their family’s needs and to keep their family’s legacy safe.

9. In what ways would buying a micro-residential property at theBLOQparq positively impact an individual’s insurance costs as opposed to purchasing a much larger space?

Two of the major homeowner’s insurance costs are square footage and age of property. Reducing the size of a property and purchasing brand new are both factors that lead to more affordable insurance costs.

10. What type of growth have you seen in the Las Vegas/Henderson area over the past 5 years? In what ways do you think theBLOQparq will attribute to the revitalization of Henderson?

The city has been reinventing itself into a place people can envision as a place to call home. Las Vegas/Henderson is no longer a transient city – it has become a destination that invites people to not just visit and play – but stay. There is so much for young singles – a great social and entertainment scene. For families – countless parks, kid-friendly events and (contrary to popular belief) some pretty great schools. For retirees – a laid back pace of life and mountain views that are second to none. For businesses – no state income tax means extra savings to put in your pocket or back into your company! For outdoor lovers – the gorgeous weather allows for year-round outdoor activities.

I am excited to watch the vision for theBLOQparq come to life. I believe it will bring a ton of new jobs along with a consistent flow of income as well as new and fresh faces choosing to reside in the affordable living spaces. Everybody wants to be a part of what is up and coming – the next big thing. For those who enjoy socializing, forming meaningful connections, and finding beneficial ways to collaborate, theBLOQparq will check off all the boxes.

I, for one, am thrilled that Henderson will serve as the homebase for this micro-style community. I believe the ripple effect will be significant and that it will create new opportunities and positive impacts in all of Las Vegas; not just Henderson.

theBLOQparq is more than a micro-style community – it’s a way of life. For those who choose to live, work and play here, they are choosing to value experiences over things and to be a part of something greater. Tresja chose to take charge of her life, taking on the well-deserved title of boss. She had a vision and saw it through. Here at tBp, there is an open invitation for you to do the same.

Takeaway #1: Teamwork is of the utmost importance. You can accomplish great things on your own, but the levels of success you can achieve is that much greater when you open the doors for collaboration with the right group of people.

Takeaway #2: Don’t get hung up on what business ownership is supposed to look like. Open your mind to serendipitous encounters and go where the path leads you. Once you figure out what motivates you, remain open to the many ways you can find fulfillment.

Takeaway #3: Benefits of setting up shop in theBLOQparq will be plentiful. A micro-community filled with new residents and tenants will act as an impressive group of potential customers. The idea that relationships can organically blossom due to the importance placed on creating a community-vibe created is extremely exciting.

Tresja ChristopherTresja Christopher is a Franchise Owner of All Nevada Insurance. With 6 years of experience in the industry, she takes great pride in being part of a company that values the community and allows her the ability to offer the best options to clients. When she’s not at her desk, answering calls or discussing insurance plans, Tresja passes the time with gardening, long walks and enjoying the company of her family and friends.

Looking to decrease your insurance rates and increase your peace of mind? Tresja and her All Nevada Insurance team have you covered.

Feel free to reach out to Tresja at or call 702-728-3588.
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