As a hairstylist, you understand the value and power of keeping up with the latest trends. Well, we’re taking things a step further. At the BLOQ parq (tBp), we’ve committed to being the trendsetters. Like your go-to pair of shears, this micro-style retail opportunity is something you can’t live without. Here are five reasons tBp is a place your salon should call home.

1. The Mane Attraction

We are laying out the groundwork to ensure tBp is the talk of the town. Handling marketing and promotions is our forte. We know how to garner the general public’s attention so that you can focus on growing your business and clientele. You’ll want to take advantage of the excitement surrounding our new space and be a part of this micro-style retail movement. Never underestimate the value of staying a cut above the competition.


2. Extensions And Layers

As a stylist, you know how important it is to deliver what your clients want. They might give a detailed description of the cut or color they have in mind. They may have some pictures of celebs for you to reference. Or they might defer to your expert opinion. Whatever it is they want – it’s your job to make it happen. That’s how we operate at tBp. Every layer of our micro-retail and office spaces are customizable in size,configuration, and design execution.

3. Low Maintenance Style

Finding a hairstyle that is easy to maintain is a very attractive benefit. Nowadays, everyone is continuously multi-tasking and being pulled in a million different directions. Our micro-spaces are designed with simplicity in mind. The small square footage makes it more manageable and affordable. tBp also provides onsite maintenance and financial guidance so you can take comfort in knowing you are not alone in your business venture.

4. Look Good And Feel Good

Giving back is a big part of the tBp mission. tBp is about more than filling units with occupants. It’s about building a community. You do everything possible to ensure your clients leave with a smile on their faces and a newly discovered confidence that’s worth a million bucks – we are here to do the same for you.

tBp is a place where people can bring their dreams to fruition, experience great success, make meaningful connections, and find opportunities for collaboration.

5. A Complete Transformation

The ability to turn a vision into a reality is key to being a successful hairstylist. So, you’ll appreciate how we are re-imagining Boulder Highway. Henderson is an excellent place for families and businesses, providing a demand for this desolate land to be transformed into a destination with mass appeal. tBp is creating a complete live, work, and play package – this is one makeover you don’t want to miss.

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