Don’t you love it when everything comes together perfectly? We do, too. This is why we’ve created theBLOQparq (tBp). It’s more than a place to reside. It is the art of transitioning refined, an invitation to live, work, play, and thrive. As an event planner, you’ll appreciate the fact that multi-tasking to this extent has never been easier.

Detail-oriented visionary. Creative muse. Lover of all things lovely. Interchangeably the life of the party and the person who brings the party to life. These characteristics combine to form a perfectly put together picture of who you are as an individual and as an event planner.

Even your bouts of daydreaming are meticulously executed. Do us a favor. Close your eyes and imagine this immaculately set scene…

You are awoken by a ray of sunlight subtly peering through the curtains. Your immaculate studio apartment is wrapped in a magical, golden hue only a sunrise can provide. After carefully selecting an outfit from your wardrobe that complements your upbeat mood, you head out the door with the day’s schedule organizing itself in your mind. By the time you’ve taken the elevator to the main level of your micro-residential abode, the creative inspiration surrounds you in the form of a light, refreshing breeze.

The temperature is a pleasant 72 degrees, and it will take you approximately less than 5 minutes to reach your caffeine checkpoint by foot. You pass the perfectly landscaped plaza on your left and naturally begin to imagine the countless events you could plan there. As you begin to dream up the ideal outdoor décor, you realize you’ve arrived at your destination.

Your favorite barista greets you and asks if you’ll be having the usual. Feeling a bit adventurous this morning, you decide to switch things up a bit and substitute your standard caramel latte for a French vanilla one. Oh, and you decide to throw in an almond scone as well. Living on the edge is delicious. Snagging a window seat, you refine your people-watching while making a handful of client calls.

After your caffeinating mission has been accomplished, you pack up your things and take another stroll to your personal micro-office space. A display of floral arrangements, table settings, fabrics, color palettes, and photography welcomes you to your home away from home.

You wave “hi”to your neighbor on the way in – a stationary shop, which has turned out to be a great collaboration opportunity—a twist of fate at its finest.

After an extremely productive day filled with consultations, vendor researching, venue hunting, and damage controlling, you’re ready to make your way back home (no car or traffic jams in the equation).

tBp pool

Next on the schedule – carefully calculated, of course – is your workout. Swiftly changing into your gym clothes, you make your way to the state-of-the-art fitness center. Again, no wheels involved, just your favorite pair of tennis shoes. At 5:45 pm on the dot, you check-in to your cross-training class of choice and begin building up your endorphin supply. After showering and enjoying a dinner inspired by a menu item from your favorite Thai restaurant, which is less than the equivalent of two city blocks away from your workspace, you feel like going out for a bit.

This time, you take the elevators up to the rooftop and lounge poolside. You happen to run into some friends from your building. After some pleasant conversation, it is unanimously decided that cocktails from the clubhouse are in order. Crossing off the last item on your to-do-list thrills you, but spontaneous hangouts that couldn’t have been planned any better are a close second. All in a day. All in walking distance. All possible in the masterfully planned, innovatively designed, micro-style community of tBp.

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