If you’re an entrepreneur looking to receive seed money, angel investors may be the key to your startup dreams. Angel investors often step up to fill financial gaps and are willing to use their own money to back riskier business concepts than professional investors. Many of them are experienced, successful business owners or retired executives who take an active interest in entrepreneurs. In addition to the financial investment, these investors can add value to your overall business plan thanks to their network connections and professional expertise.

Individual angel groups invest about $2.5M each year, fueling innovation and job growth throughout North America.
Source: Angel Capital Association

On a mission to help incubator entrepreneurs succeed, theBLOQparq’s (tBp) brings opportunities to the forefront for the dream makers and risk-takers. If you are ready to take the leap toward business ownership and want to reach out to potential angel investors, these 7 tips can improve your chances of being the boss of your own destiny:

1. Stay Transparent

It’s best to represent your company with transparency rather than try to impress an angel investor with bigger-than-life claims. The moment you misrepresent the facts, investors are likely to walk.

2. Be Responsible

An angel investor entrusts you with their cash, so you want to demonstrate that you will be a good steward of their money.

3. Provide Wanted Information

Angel investors want to hear your business’s highlights versus every detail. Direct their focus and help them connect the dots on what your game-changing plans look like for the future.

4. Simplify With Benefits

Customers buy a product because it meets a need, not because of a particular feature. Simplify and share with your angel investor the benefits of your product, and review what problems it can solve for your potential customers.

5. Be Efficient With Your Words

When speaking with your angel investors, move through your key points quickly and use your words efficiently. This approach demonstrates that you value your investors’ time and will show that same respect to your team members, partners, and customers.

6. Be Realistic

Your predictions for the future of your business should be well thought out, based in reality and yet, ambitious. When meeting with your angel investor(s), this is your opportunity to present the scope of your smart business judgment and vision.

7. The Competitive Edge

Describe your competitive advantage and brief your investor on the current market landscape. Communicate how you will win over your market segment with your new solutions.

Even revolutionary ideas need a little help to get rolling. As you look to join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, you’ll want support beyond just financial means. Having a support system that provides inspiration, motivation, and opportunities for collaboration is priceless. We provide all of that and more at tBp because we believe the American dream is built upon business owners doing their part to build the economy — leaving a legacy of their own in the process.

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