Innovation. Adaptation. And finding ways to thrive. theBLOQparq embraces these ideals in all that we do. Due to the pandemic, we have all been challenged to find ways to adjust and overcome — including how we manage and market our businesses.

As an entrepreneur, it is extremely important to be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your methods.

2020 did a number on us culturally and social media was no exception. As a result, there are key changes, new channels and adapted tactics to incorporate into your social media strategy. earnings The learnings we are sharing were derived from Hootsuite’s Social Trends in 2021. Here are the top 5 takeaways you need to know:

1. The transactional approach

This is what saved businesses in 2020 and while it continues to be important to drive a tangible direct ROI, don’t forget that social media audiences also crave an experience! It’s essential to recall the impact COVID played on derailing customer experience efforts. Efforts moved to bottom-of-funnel and were highly transactional.

Marketers should be conscious that social media users don’t go to social only to buy, but they also want to be romanced by the experience. Wise marketers will continue driving quick bursts of ROI through lower-funnel. However, they will also be working toward delivering innovative experiences that will keep the long-term user brand loyalty alive.

2. Levity is the new black

The campaigns that continue to stand out offer social media users a much-needed moment of laughter and escape—aligning with why people turn to social media in the first place. On average, 32% of key demographics (Gen Z, millennials, Gen X, AND baby boomers) say “finding funny or entertaining content” is their main reason for using social media. Data from Morning Consult shows that useful and entertaining ads are most likely to drive purchases, as consumers increasingly crave a return to normalcy.

3. Quality over quantity

The best in class marketers have doubled down on reliable paid channels like Facebook and Instagram. Experienced marketers understand that Facebook continues to offer the most effective way to measure and segment, resulting in the best ROI on the internet. It also offers flexibility in design and type of creation, from photos, GIFs, animated content and video posts. Be aware: As there may be changes on the horizon with a huge privacy war between Facebook and Apple.

4. The increasing popularity of Instagram

Instagram saw the most growth in 2020 and is showing no signs of stopping. Marketers are smartly following where the user growth exists. Instagram added the greatest number of new users between July and September 2020, posting even stronger growth figures than Facebook. Instagram’s advertising reach grew by 7.1 percent in the most recent quarter—more than three times Facebook at 2.2 percent. With overall marketing budgets trimmed in 2021, it’s no surprise that marketers are focusing on familiar favorites, rather than experimenting with newer tactics and platforms.

5. Don’t be naive about native posting

Twitter and Pinterest outperformed Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat and TikTok on native posts. Wise marketers will also look for under-priced eyeballs. Pinterest received high accolades for driving bottom-of-funnel conversions. Pinterest added new ROI-driven advertising tools to measure conversions and a “Today” tab to keep users engaged. It’s been a tumultuous year: COVID-19, protests, and a U.S. Presidential Election. During this time, Twitter saw a resurgence. It remains one of the top 20 most visited websites in the world, and is often underestimated in the media mix for marketers.

At tBp we are all about staying in the know and remaining ahead of the curve. So we completely understand the itch to increase your library of knowledge and to find new ways to apply what you’ve learned. It’s why we work to create opportunities for collaboration and limitless sources of inspiration.

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