Whether you were a remote worker before the pandemic or someone that has recently taken on this new way of working, seeking opportunities to change your environment while staying productive can be challenging. theBLOQparq (tBp) supports a vision where working remotely can feel empowering and invigorating. Within the framework of tBp, micro-retail and office spaces will be structured to act as second homes for those seeking a refreshing alternative, fostering creativity and connection.

Studies show that between 75% and 90% of coworkers love the personal connections that coworking makes possible; they feel more engaged and motivated to work.

Source: Innovation Management

There are many good reasons to find a home away from home that offers coworking spaces and coffee shops. Here are 5 benefits of spaces designed with hard-working entrepreneurs in mind:

1. Connecting with Others

Coworking spaces offer you opportunities to network and connect with others. Meeting people from different backgrounds and industries is a great way to grow and gain knowledge. Sharing a co-work space improves the opportunity to meet forward thinkers, established individuals, and entrepreneurs.

2. Inspiration for Days

Coworking spaces allow you the opportunity to share space with other experienced professionals, startups, freelancers, artists, and entrepreneurs. The design of a coworking environment enables like-minded people to connect and inspire creativity and productivity. Each person unintentionally acts as a catalyst for change, motivation, and creativity.

3. The Productivity Train

The social atmosphere of a coworking environment can be a motivator in getting your workday started. Working with like-minded people can keep your productivity batteries charged and on course for further developing your talents and skills. There is a possibility and promise that those you are connecting with daily can eventually transform into clients and customers.

4. Your Work/Life Balance

Unlike the usual corporate workplace or a confined corner of your home, the remote coworking design lends itself to changes in scenery and opportunities to break away from your day-to-day space. With tBp offering common outdoor areas, coffee shops, and retail, there are options galore to step out and de-stress throughout your workday.

5. A Supportive Spirit

Coworking spaces can be more than just shared environments; they can help build a support system with others experiencing the same entrepreneurial highs and lows. The passion for following your dreams and facing challenges can be both invigorating and draining. By connecting with members of a shared community, the sense of isolation and defeat you may feel by working alone can be deflected. Leaning into support around, you can lighten the load and keep your eye on the entrepreneurial prize.

Ultimately, a coworking space can keep you motivated while providing an opportunity to socialize with like-minded individuals. Surrounding yourself with those driven to succeed, much like yourself, is a win-win in the coworking column.

The entrepreneurial spirit is an integral part of tBp, and our co-work spaces support that vision. We are passionate about enabling the dreamers and doers of our community to grow and thrive.

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