Creativity involves a complex interplay between spontaneous and controlled thinking – the ability to both spontaneously brainstorm ideas and deliberately evaluate whether they’ll actually work.
Source: ScienceDirect Study

We know that creativity and fresh ideas go hand-in-hand, but what does creativity have to do with fueling our modern-day economy? With a need for ongoing economic progress and innovation, encouraging creativity is more important than ever. It is a quiet force rarely recognized, but at theBLOQparq (tBp), we give credit to those who choose to pave their own path. tBp believes every entrepreneur is a creator who possesses the power to experience success while making a positive impact on a local (and even global) level. Here are a few of the ways this magic happens!

Innovative Solutions

Creativity is vital in the flexibility of any business. Innovative solutions can bring resolution to the most complex problems. Inventing new technology, adjusting business practices, or filling creative gaps in your business strategy translates to an increased likelihood of long-term success. Creativity is a fallback for any company looking to stay afloat during uncertain economic climates.

Did you know? 72 percent of people have creative insights in the shower.
Source: Fast Company

Competitive Edge

Innovative businesses know how to invent and implement unique solutions to meet customer demands. Creativity has a track record of giving companies an edge over the competition. With a constant and quickly changing marketplace, flexing your creative muscle for business operations and growth strategies will not go unnoticed. Viewed as fearless innovators, forward-thinking brands tend to surface as top leaders in their fields.

Job Initiatives

Creativity reigns supreme when it comes to the creation of entire industries. Opportunity exists in an industry’s response to the growing demand for innovation and transformational change. Many roles and areas of expansion wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for creative initiatives led by courageous dreamers and doers. Creativity has the power to spur a cornucopia of possibility for every type of industry.

Understanding the value of creativity acts as a source of empowerment for every incubator entrepreneur and business owner. Without a doubt, innovation drives economic growth and continually transforms industry landscapes. As you examine your strategies and plans for growth, never forget to let your passion for what is new and different shine. tBp is here to magnify that light with equally creative spaces that welcome groundbreakers and out-of-the-box thinkers. Let’s create greatness together.

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