Amidst the day-to-day routine of running your business, there is always room for improved efficiency. Finding better ways to achieve your goals and increase productivity is a major game changer for any entrepreneur. Collaboration has proven to be a powerful tool across all industries and business models.

Connected workplaces reduce office space with savings of up to 40 percent on a corporate real estate lease.

– Source: Cisco

The idea of working together to achieve greater results is built into every square foot of theBLOQparq (tBp). Connecting individuals with various backgrounds, experiences, and ideas allows inspiration and innovation to be fully present throughout our micro-community and creative, co-working spaces. tBp is confident that the collaborative spirit should have a place in every strategically-sound business plan but if you’re still not 100 percent convinced, the following insights are likely to instill your collaboration confidence.

1. Collective Problem-Solving

We’ve all had that moment when we hit the proverbial wall. You are cruising on a new project and suddenly all that beautiful progress comes to a screeching halt. In those scenarios, it is natural to ask for help, get another perspective, or schedule a brainstorming session with your team members. More minds means more knowledge, skills, and expertise available to get a stalled project back up and running. However, collaboration doesn’t have to serve as a desperate, last attempt! Incorporating it from the very beginning makes it easier to avoid potential problems at the start.

2. Learn From One Another

A highlight of working collaboratively is gaining access to a wider array of insights, skills, and experiences. Teamwork provides a learning experience that is not easily replicated. Be open to asking for feedback and opinions – even if you don’t always end up implementing them. You will be surprised at the amount of relevant information you become privy to by working with others. You are likely to become aware of pain points, priorities, and thought processes which can prove invaluable in the future.

Employees who acted collaboratively stuck at their tasks 64 percent longer than their solitary peers while also reporting higher engagement levels, lower fatigue levels and higher success rates.

3. The Power To Unite

If you find that team members (or yourself!) rarely interact with others, you might want to approach collaboration from a mixed-skills approach. This is a strategy that requires people with diverse skill sets and areas of expertise to tackle projects together. For example, your hybrid team might include a product designer, a developer, and a content writer. With this approach, you’ve brought together members from three different areas of expertise, created a common goal, and set up long-lasting connections for upcoming endeavors.

Collaboration can act as a significant benefit to your bottom line without requiring additional investments of time or money. With our customizable micro-retail, micro-office and co-working spaces, tBp is designed for collective creativity and collaboration to be at its finest. Are you ready to work together?

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