A company’s work culture is defined as the personality of the organization. It’s an array of elements that create a supportive environment where people can maximize their capabilities and skills. Elements such as ethics, goals, collaboration, leadership, and time management are just some of the essential variables that create a productive space where employees can thrive.

94 percent of executives and 88 percent of employees are of the opinion that distinct workplace culture is necessary for business success.
Source: Deloitte

Culture is one of the best and most important ways to make your business attractive to potential customers and high level talent. Positive workplace culture is known to improve happiness and can impact performance. The personality of a brand (and the way in which it is actually implemented) influences everything, so maximizing and understanding the benefits can’t be understated. These benefits include some of the very drivers that motivate theBLOQparq (tBp) vision and our unwavering desire to be the future home for business owners just like you.

1. Brand Strength

With the right workplace culture, your employees will be your best form of advertising. Employees that are knee-deep in a positive, supportive work culture will act as advocates for your brand, lift visibility for your company and be proudly vocal! With a vested interest and dedication to their organization, employees won’t hesitate to go all in to express their brand loyalty.

2. Engagement And Retention

A positive work culture will determine the degree to which your employees dedicate their whole selves to their work each day. Active engagement means a willingness to stay with your company and commit their best efforts. The result? A sense of connectedness and commitment strengthening the employer/employee bond and reducing costly turnovers while bumping up retention rates.

In one survey, 72 percent of workers cited corporate culture as a factor influencing their decision to work at a given company.
Source: Select One

3. New Talent

The news of your company’s good reputation for a strong work culture can spread quickly. High employee satisfaction is a winning strategy for increasing retention and attracting new, in-demand talent. People today are always on the hunt for opportunities that allow them a happy and balanced work life.

As a business owner, improving organizational culture can take practice. Use these quick tips to guide you, and take the following steps to team success in your workplace!

  • Communicate clearly and often to avoid miscommunication or misunderstandings.
  • Listen to concerns and allow others the opportunity to speak openly about what worries them.
  • Encourage feedback from your staff on areas they feel need addressing or improvement.
  • Be consistent in the way you lead to supply stability and security to your team(s).
  • Reward the things that matter like loyalty, innovative thinking, consistent productivity and all that good stuff.
  • Make room for fun among all the hard work and people will willingly put in the extra hours.

A positive work culture is a winning part of any business strategy. And although culture is often a work in progress, a moving target that can (and will) change, the reward is well worth the effort. tBp is grounded in a culture of connection with our build-to-suit living and workspaces where a healthy work/life balance is ready-made for any culture-minded individual.

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